Popular Locations for SuDS+ Approach Announced

Following our community vote we can confirm the three sites which have been passed to the implementation team for further work. Voting took place via 9,000 “SuDS+ Have Your Say” leaflets which were delivered to every home and business in the study area, and through QR codes and paper surveys hosted in community buildings.

The 3 sites are:

Site B: Increase the range of activities and facilities available in South Moor Memorial Park aimed at all age groups.

Site F: Promote a community-led outdoor learning hub for local food production, enhancing nature and providing opportunities for outdoor activities.

Site J: Enhance existing green spaces and outdoor facilities and activities linked to existing community groups.

Location of the three sites announced

Each site will be examined by the Implementation Team, carefully looking at water flow, sustainable drainage opportunities, possible ideas for delivering the community benefit aspect of SuDS+ (as outlined above). Following this the team will bring design ideas back to community members.

The three sites cover many of the 46 community benefit themes which emerged from our earlier engagement work. Our Implementation Team are trying to include as many of these themes as possible in the design process.

The 46 community benefit themes which were identified in 2023. The Implementation Team will explore innovative design ideas for many of these.

Locations which the community highlighted but have not been shortlisted (see map of 383 ideas) may be considered through future schemes and collaboration with local service providers.

Keep an eye out for further progress and opportunities to get involved over the coming weeks and months.

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