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leaky dams

SuDS+ is a 5 year research and development project based in the town of Stanley in North Durham. It focuses on involving local people in solving the flooding problems in the area. To do this we are using Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) which slow the flow of water at times of high rainfall slowly releasing it into the exiting piped drainage. This is the opposite of traditional piped drainage which aims to remove water as quickly as possible into the system and away from properties. In Stanley this traditional method of water removal can be overwhelmed at heavy rainfall causing flooding to land and homes.

Areas for investment


At the end of April Stanley asked volunteers to take photographs of locations they thought could be improved. Our slider below shows some of the images they took.  

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We have two questions to answer during our project:

SuDS+ is currently at the planning and development stage. We have begun to speak to residents about how they see the idea developing and will continue to evolve the project.

Our project partners are Durham County Council, The Environment Agency, DEFRA, Veridian Logic, ARUP, Northumbrian Water, Isle Utilities, Northumbria University, Teesside University and Wear Rivers Trust. We are also working with a wide range of community groups and other stakeholders.