About the SuDS+ Project


SuDS+ is a research and development project in Stanley South which is looking at how Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) can provide wider benefits to the local community and their environment (+).

Unlike traditional drainage systems which use pipes hidden below the ground, SuDS mimic natural water systems like wetlands or ponds, and store water when it rains.

SuDS can help create new habitats for plants and wildlife, and new community spaces for people to enjoy, like playgrounds, nature trails or community gardens.

SuDS+ means doing drainage and flood prevention differently. Rather than identifying a flooding problem and solving it in isolation, SuDS+ takes a wider angle. The project aims to improve people’s quality of life and the places that they live in. Improvements could relate to housing, employment, education, health, wellbeing, energy, environment, community groups and networks. SuDS+ is being achieved through a community-led placemaking approach



Participants take part in a guided walk from the St Stephens Centre to explore the hidden spaces of South Stanley.

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