Rain Gauges Installed

As part of the Stanley SuDS monitoring work package Stanley The Raindrop has this week installed 3 rain gauges. The rain gauges will measure precipitation (rain, hail and snow) in three locations. They will be located in the North, East and West of the project area. Data will be compared to see if there are differences in rainfall patterns from the devices which are placed a couple of miles apart.

Rain gauges are a precise scientific instrument which work on a simple idea. As the rain falls into the gauge the buckets fill with water and tip like a seesaw. Each tip will be recorded on an internal logger which will be downloaded every month. Publishing the data showing how much rain has fallen will be completed soon after collecting the information.

One of the rain gauges in place

Internal mechanism of the device

More updates to follow on the rain gauges and other monitoring throughout 2024.

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