Conference Message: Collaboration is key for SuDS delivery

May and June have been busy months for the SuDS+ project, including sharing our methods and findings at various knowledge exchange events across the country.

Our team members, Eleanor Starkey (Northumbria University) and Caitlin Rogers (Isle Utilities) represented SuDS+ at the following conferences:

  • 23rd May: Sharing Best Practice on Blue, Green and Grey Infrastructure, RECLAIM Network, London.
  • 4th-6th June: Flood & Coast 2024, Telford.
  • 10th-11th June: Hydrology in the 21st Century: Challenges in Science, to Policy and Practice, Royal Society, London.

These events brought researchers, policymakers and industry leaders together to discuss and share best practice around innovative flood resilience techniques.

SuDS+ was shared using posters, talks, information stands and a video. This enabled the team to talk about our engagement techniques, community ideas, and the resulting SuDS+ concepts with a national and international audience.

Collaboration with community members and stakeholders working across different disciplines were common themes discussed. This is the approach being taken by SuDS+. We believe a community-led collaborative approach will ensure SuDS deliver real benefits to communities, while tackling multiple urban challenges in one go.

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