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Staff and volunteers from the Wear Rivers Trust re-joined a wetland to the Stanley Burn last week. The inlet had become blocked with debris and water stopped flowing freely into the wetland which was created in 2017. Water can now flow through the channel into the holding ponds which increase storage slowing the flow of water. Wetlands should help filter pollution from road runoff, old mine workings and the industrial estate. The main aims of this work are to improve water quality downstream and reduce erosion.

Digging the channel

Brash bundles were installed to keep some of the larger pieces of litter and debris out of the wetland. A leaky dam was created to deflect water into the wetland and reduce the chances that the inlet is blocked again. Our team will continue to monitor the new channel to ensure it remains open.

brash bundles top of photograph with leaky dam to the right

This work was made possible by funding from Stanley AAP as part of their Community Recovery strategy. Wear Rivers Trust will be organising two litter picks in September as part of this project. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for more information.

The completed channel

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