Latest Rain Gauge Data Extracted

Our rain gauges continue to collect data and give us a picture of the amount of rain which falls in the West, North and East of our study area. For the next download we will also have data from our low cost weather stations which are now installed. It will be interesting to compare the Met Office recommended rain gauges with the solar powered weather stations.

The data we collected this month shows the highest levels of rainfall since installation in January. The highest rainfall so far this year fell on May 22nd. For the first time one of the gauges East/Craghead had a significantly different result than the other 2 gauges. We will be keeping a close eye on the next figures to see if this is an anomaly or a trend. The graphs below show the individual gauges and a bar chart showing a monthly comparison total for all three.

Further updates will be provided over the next few months.

Rain Gauge 1 (Upper Twizell/West)

Rain Gauge 2 (North/Stanley)

Rain Gauge 3 (East/Craghead)

Overall Data Since Inception

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