Wetland At Work – January 2024

The heavy rain between Christmas and New year gave us an ideal opportunity to check the progress of our wetland and leaky dams at the top of the catchment. Both looked to be working well with water stored behind the dams and in the wetland. Repairs made in August 2023 to the wetland are working with approximately 80% flowing through the wetland and 20% through the main river channel. Previously the wetland was taking in very little water with most going into the burn.

Top of the wetland showing water entering
Water flowing through one of the wetland ponds which were dry last winter
Depth of water in the pond (around 20cm)

The leaky dams we created further downstream in 2022 continue to hold back water and slow the flow into the populated areas of the town. A couple of new floodplains have been created by the dams and they appear very effective.

Note raised river level between leaky dams
New floodplain created to the side of this leaky dam
Leaky dam creating water storage and aeriation

Thanks to Stanley AAP for helping fund the volunteer activities which created the leaky dams and brought the wetland back into use.

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