Teesside University Brings Computer and Information Science Capabilities


New staff and PhD students join the SuDS+ team from Teesside University to help deliver our monitoring work package

Ammara Laeeq is an experienced professional with over 10 years of diverse experience across various phases of the software development lifecycle. She has successfully handled and overseen numerous projects of varying scales, encompassing cutting edge web and cloud technologies. She is a Python enthusiast and has extensively utilized Python and its associated frameworks within web and data science projects. In the SuDS+ project, Ammara’s PhD will primarily concentrate on developing an interactive and intelligent system for the storage, analysis, and visualization of data collected in various phases of the project.

Ehtsham Riaz is an electronics and control systems engineer with experience in industrial automation. Ehtsham’s PhD contribution towards the project will be on facilitating data collection through IoTs. He has a proven track record in optimizing processes through machine learning. His technical skills will help SuDS+ to develop monitoring system with state of the art sensing equipment. This will help to collect and analyse data about various aspects of the SuDs to inform efficient and sustainable development.

Dr Jie Li is a Senior Lecturer in the SCEDT at Teesside University. He has extensive research experience in computational intelligence and intelligent decision support systems. His research focus is on data-driven decision-making systems, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV). Before joined to Teesside University, he worked in a digital healthcare company, THERAPYAUDIT Limited as the AI lead, to lead and develop a commercial project, which is a proactive and predictive monitoring system, particularly, for the department of rheumatology. He is also the co-founder and CTO of NewApex Ltd., and successfully led a team to develop an AI-based mobile app StreetAway in 2017. Within the scope of the SuDS+ project, Dr. Li assumes the responsibilities of an academic supervisor, with a focus on Internet of Things (IoT) sensing, which encompasses the collation of sensor data and subsequent data analytics.

Alongside Professor Usman Adeel, Dr Jie Li will be guiding both Ammara and Ehtsham through their PhD degrees.

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