First Rain Gauge Data Collected

In a break from the winter weather Stanley The Raindrop was able to download the data from our rain gauges. The logger within the gauge records how many times the 0.2mm bucket has filled and tipped in the last 2 minutes. This gives an accurate picture of the rainfall over the month. They are located at 3 sites in the study area measuring rainfall from different locations. The data below is from one of our rain gauges.

Graph One shows the number of tips each day in the period 6th January to 11th February. The blue blocks tell us a couple of things. The length of the rainfall incident is shown and the number of tips per 2 minutes. The heaviest rainfall of the month fell on January 30th and the longest rainfall incident was February 8th and 9th.

The second graph shows the amount of rain falling on each day and the accumulated total rainfall over the course of the period. Over 100mm of rain fell from 6th January to 11th February with the most rain falling on the 9th February.

We will have an interactive dashboard in the coming months after more data has been collected. There will be further updates on the rain gauges and other monitoring later in the year.

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