Rain Gauge Update

Our gauges have been in place since early January. They continue to give us a picture of rainfall falling in the study area. There are slight differences in rainfall between the three areas in which the gauges are located with the town centre device receiving highest rainfall and the Craghead gauge the lowest. The three highest rain incidents were recorded on 29th January, 9th February and 9th April. Around 30cm (12 inches) of rain has fallen between January 6th and May 8th. In February the Met Office confirmed 2023-24 was the wettest winter since records began and April has also been a very wet month.

The graphs below show the amount of rain falling over the last 4 months. The amount each day is shown in blue and the accumulation in orange.

We will continue to collect the data over the next few years and better understand how rain fall effects flooding incidents and flood resilience in the area.

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